Registration and User Guide


Welcome to Registering is free and easy. This guide will get you up and running within a few minutes.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on ‘register’ in the top left hand corner:
  3. Fill in the required fields, making sure you select ‘I’m an employer looking to hire’:

You will now be taken to the Members Lounge:

Fill in the details about your company, and upload your logo and a cover image that want to display on your company home page. You can also choose one or more work category that you can help job seekers with:

  1. Once you have finished click on ‘save’:

    If you ever want to come back to this section to edit it again, it is under the ‘company profile’ link in the Members Lounge menu:

Adding a package

When you are ready to add some jobs to the portal, you will need to add a package. During our initial free period, these packages are free. All jobs that you add to your package will expire after a certain period of time, after which you can purchase additional jobs to add to your package (these are known as ‘package add-ons’). Again, during the initial free period, these package add-ons are free.

  1. To add a package, you first need to head over to the Members Lounge (if you are not already in it). Once you are logged in, you access the Members Lounge anytime by going to the ‘MEMBER’ section:
  2. Once in the Members Lounge, navigate to ‘Manage Plan’:
  3. Next you need to ‘Choose a Package’:
  4. Select the package you want (during the initial free period there will only be one):

    You will get confirmation that your package has been added, and you can then start adding jobs.



  1. If you want to upgrade a package at any time, choose ‘Upgrade Package’:
  2. If your current package runs out of jobs, you can add a ‘Package Add-on’ (during the initial free period there will only be one):

Posting Jobs

  1. Once you have a package, you are ready to post a job. Once you are logged in, you can do this from the main menu, or from within the Members Lounge:
  2. Fill in the details for your job, paying attention to the following:
    • Job title – Clear, concise and descriptive
    • Description – put a good description of the job in here, including specific details about the job.
    • Cover image – if you want to add a particular heading image for your job, upload it here. Landscape images that are not too tall work best.
    • Job category – the type of HGV work that you are advertising goes here. If there is not a category for your job, let us know and we will consider adding it.
    • Job location – if your job is not in the same area as your business, uncheck the box and choose another location. If the location is not in the list of options, let us know and we will add a new location to the DriverBank menu.
    • Job type – choose full time, part time or temporary – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR GOOGLE.
    • Address and Postcode – you only have to add this if you want to give the full address for where the job is going to be.
    • Valid until – Enter the date the job is valid until – this is often the same as the closing date for applications.
    • Unique reference – enter a unique reference for the job. This will help you when you start receiving applications – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR GOOGLE.
    • Date posted – this is the date the job advert is valid from – this is usually the same as the date you are posting the job, but can be in the future – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR GOOGLE.
    • Hiring company – this is usually your company if you are a recruitment agency who pay their staff directly, or are a logistics company hiring directly.
    • Job location town – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR GOOGLE.
    • Job location city – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR GOOGLE.
    • Job location country – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR GOOGLE.
    • Pay rate, and pay per (hour / year) – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR GOOGLE.
    • Closing date – closing dates for applications – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR GOOGLE.
    • Notification email – you can choose the email address where applications will be sent to.
  3. Agree to the terms and submit your job:

CONGRATULATIONS! You have posted your first job !!

If you require any assistance with creating your account or posting jobs, contact us at

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